Acrylic Solid Surface

Acrylic Solid Surface is now a days very popular due to its flexibility in application from modular furniture to external wall cladding. We can create anything from our imagination. Its various applications are:

External Wall Cladding:

Acrylic Solid Surface Cladding -02

In modern facade it plays major role in creativity. One can create a beautiful facade through CNC cutting.

Internal Wall Cladding:

Acrylic Solid Surface Cladding -01

It looks amazing when used in internal wall paneling with LED Light application in backside. Its applications are increasing in every sector in interior application.

Counter Top:

Braehead Refurbishment 2013

Due to translucent nature of of Acrylic Solid Surface it is widely accepted for creative counter top and its joint less looks attracts interiors for acceptance of its application.

Sinks / Bowls:

Acrylic Solid Surface -06

Its application increases in Sinks and Bowls due to its antibacterial property and joint free surface. So increase acceptance in modular kitchen, sinks are and bowels application.